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Avanti Bring Passengers Food via WiFi

Thu 3 Sep 2020

This is what WiFi on trains was invented for! UK train operator Avanti West Coast has announced a new service enabling passengers to order food and drink to be delivered to their seat using the on-board WiFi system (for ordering not delivering).

However, the announcement came with a caveat that the system is only up and running on some trains. Travellers on those where the service is not yet launched still face a long walk and possible buffet car queue.

So far, the train operator which runs services from London to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham has been running the seat delivery via WiFi order in First Class carriages only. It is now being expanded to cover the whole train.

The company says it is also trialling a Click and Collect option for passengers to retrieve their refreshments from the onboard shop. After ordering through the site, they will get a notification that their food and drink is ready.

The system is similar to one developed by SJ Trains in Sweden, whereby customers could order from the buffet and then collect their food. SJ also used their service to entice passengers out of their seats with special offers.

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